The FAQs

· How did you get the name Doc?

Ans. Contrary to some of my card playing partners, it has nothing to do with
my abilities at Poker. In actuality, when I was in the seventh grade I had an
absent-minded music teacher, who couldn’t remember his students names. So,
over the years he developed a seating chart that utilized the seven dwarfs in
the rhythm section and the eight Reindeer in the horn section, etc. I just
happened to be in the seat where all of the previous Doc’s had sat. I was the
only one to whom the nickname stuck.

· What is your real job?

Ans. I don’t know why the public in general has such a hard time believing
that, just because you are not a big star, you can’t be as successful in the
arts as most people are at their chosen careers. I deal with it now and I
dealt with it, when I was a musician. But, believe me it can be done.

· If your Sicilian, how did you get a name like Fletcher?

Ans. Well, I usually say I’m Sicilian or Italian, because I was raised
in a neighborhood that was primarily Italian, with the Italian side of my
family. My grandmother and Grandfather, Uncle Joey, Uncle Fred, and Aunt
Josephine all lived within five houses of me. The Irish side, my Father’s
side, were in a different State and I rarely got to see them. And to be
truthful, they didn’t identify with their European heritage so much.

· I see another comic/actor around NY named Clayton Fletcher. Is he your son
or (since you look so very, very young) brother?

Ans. He’s my nephew. You can easily see the resemblance. He’s over six feet
tall and I’m a little more than a little under that.

· Are you related to the nationally known jazz bassist and piano player -
Ashton Fletcher , who has performed with such notables as Frank Sinatra,
Elvis Presley, Bobby Vinton, Carmen MacRae, and Barney Kessel?

Ans. I am proud to say that he is my younger brother, but not that much

· Is your Mom the original Mother Fletcher that Jackie Gleason used to talk

Ans. Of course!

· Is it true that nobody in your family has ever been convicted of a felony?

Ans. Why do you ask?

· Are there really two “Shrinks ” who specialize in treating the rest of you
in your family?

Ans. Yes, but we never pay them for it and Mom says that they are just as
crazy as the rest of us.

· Would you mind closing your eyes, spreading your arms tilting your head
back, and touching your nose with your fingertips?

Ans. But officer, I’m the designated driver.

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